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Follow Us On Google Plus
11 Mar

Google+ (pronounced and sometimes written as Google Plus is a social network and social layer for google services that is owned and operated by Google Inc.

Google+ launched in June 2011 as a social network. Features included the ability to post photos and status updates to the stream or interest based communities, group different types of relationships (rather than simply “friends”) into Circles, a multi-person instant messaging, text and video chat called Hangouts, events, location tagging, and the ability to edit and upload photos to private cloud-based albums.

Google executives subsequently described Google+ as “a social layer across all of Google’s services”, allowing them to share a user’s identity and interests.

Approximately 540 million monthly active users make use of the social layer by interacting with Google+’s enhanced properties, like Gmail, +1 button, and YouTube comments. Some 300 million monthly active users participate in the social network, interacting with the Google+ social networking stream.

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